J. For. Sci., 60 (2014)

No. 12

Original Paper
JFS 2014
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): I-IVdownload PDF
Original Paper
Selection of appropriate criteria in urban forestry (Case study: Isfahan city, Iran)
Mohammadi Z., Mohammadi Limaei S.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 487-494abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Utilization of spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) and beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) wood in plywood production using different processing pressures
Král P., Klímek P.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 495-499abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Litterfall and leaf decomposition in Nothofagus pumilio forests along an altitudinal gradient in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Moretto A., Martínez Pastur G.J.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 500-510abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Assessment of genetic variability in autochthonous elm populations using ISSR markers
Čurn V., Dědouchová M., Kubátová B., Malá J., Máchová P., Cvrčková H.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 511-518abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Timber production and ecological characteristics of trees in coppice forest in the Voskop nature reserve in Český kras – a case study
Šálek L., Stolariková R., Jeřábková L., Karlík P., Dragoun L., Jelenecká A.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 519-525abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Impact of forest biomass for energy harvesting on soil compaction – Irish case study
Pohořalý J., Klvač R., Kent T., Kleibl M., Coates E., Horgan B.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 526-533abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Potential of natural regeneration of Quercus robur L. in floodplain forests in the southern part of the Czech Republic
Dobrovolný L.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 534-539abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
Testing of germination of spruce, pine and larch seed after 10 years from collection
Tomášková I., Vítámvás J., Korecký J.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 540-543abstractdownload PDF

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