J. For. Sci., 60 (2014)

No. 6

Original Paper
Quantity and quality of litterfall in young oak stands
Novák J., Dušek D., Slodičák M.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 219-225abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Specifics in the introduction of sustainability reporting by companies in the forestry sector
Ševčík M., Hájek M., Mikulková A.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 226-235abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Allometric equations for predicting aboveground biomass of beech-hornbeam standsin the Hyrcanian forests of Iran
Vahedi A.A., Mataji A., Babayi-Kafaki S., Eshaghi-Rad J., Hodjati S.M., Djomo A.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 236-247abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Operation times in John Deere 1110 E forwarders in regeneration felling
Kabeš A., Dvořák J., Natov P.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 248-253abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Economic evaluation of natural forest park using the travel cost method (case study; Masouleh forest park, north of Iran)
Mohammadi Limaei S., Ghesmati H., Rashidi R., Yamini N.:
J. For. Sci., 60 (2014): 254-261abstractdownload PDF

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