J. For. Sci., 61 (2015)

No. 3

Original Paper
Detectability as an important factor influencing the knowledge of bird diversity in a floodplain forest ecosystem
K. Poprach, J. Vrbková, I. Machar
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 89-97abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The effect of different tending on stand structure and quantitative production of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stand in a selected region of East Slovakia
I. Štefančík
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 98-105abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Analysis of standing timber sales based on overall coniferous/broadleaved tree species ratio
S. Slanina, P. Natov, J. Dvořák, B. Gabrielová
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 106-111abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) in the northeast of the Czech Republic with special regard to spruce forests
K. Beneš, J. Holuša
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 112-130abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

Bacillus pumilus – a new phytopathogen of Scots pine­­

V.A. Kovaleva, Y.I. Shalovylo, Y.N. Gorovik, A.L. Lagonenko, A.N. Evtushenkov, R.T. Gout
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 131-137abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication
Australia’s transition to management of myrtle rust
C. Howard, V. Findlay, C. Grant
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 138-139abstractdownload PDF

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