J. For. Sci., 61 (2015)

No. 7

Original Paper

Evaluating the machine utilisation rate of harvester and forwarder using on-board computers in Southern Tasmania (Australia)

M.R. Ghaffariyan
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 277-281abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Selected results of the survey focused on the economic assessment of forest ecosystem services
P. Hlaváčková, D. Březina, J. Meňházová
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 282-290abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Forest seed treatment with brassinosteroids to increase their germination under stress conditions
P. Procházka, P. Štranc, I. Kupka, J. Štranc, K. Pazderů
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 291-296abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Persian oak along altitudinal gradation and gradient (Case study: Ilam province, Iran)
I. Hassanzad Navroodi, R. Zarkami, M. Basati, S. Mohammadi Limaei
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 297-305abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of Myriapoda in beech and spruce forests
E. Kula, M. Lazorík
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 306-314abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Intra-annual patterns of weather and daily radial growth changes of Norway spruce and their relationship in the Western Carpathian mountain region over a period of 2008–2012
A. Leštianska, K. Merganičová, J. Merganič, K. Střelcová
J. For. Sci., 61 (2015): 315-324abstractdownload PDF

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