J. For. Sci., 62 (2016)

No. 3

Original Paper
Relation between selected indicators of forest stand diversity and quality of timber production in managed Central European forests
J. Merganič, K. Merganičová, R. Marušák, L. Tipmann, L. Šálek, L. Dragoun, R. Stolariková
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 97-106abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Enhanced micropropagation protocol of ex vitro rooting of a commercially important crop plant Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider

A. Singh, P.K. Agarwal
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 107-115abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The assessment of forestry companies in the Czech Republic with focus on profitability
M. Levá, H. Čermáková, M. Stárová, H. Vostrovská
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 116-125abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Response of directly seeded high-value timber species to microorganisms, fertiliser and a water retention polymer: implications for reforestation of agricultural lands in Southeast Asia

T. So, K.X. Ruthrof, M. Sommeechai, B. Thaiutsa, B. Dell
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 126-136abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Development of models for forest variable estimation from airborne laser scanning data using an area-based approach at a plot level
J. Sabol, D. Procházka, Z. Patočka
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 137-142abstractdownload PDF
Book Review
Three forest engineers: Josef Opletal, Karel Šiman and Gustav Artner
G. Novotný
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 143-144download PDF

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