J. For. Sci., 62 (2016)

No. 5

Original Paper
Application of the Economic Value Added index in the performance evaluation of forest enterprise
E. Balážová, J. Luptáková
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 191-197abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
In vitro regeneration of Pistacia vera L. from nodal explants
B. Benmahioul, M. Kaïd-Harche, F. Daguin
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 198-203abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Comparison of growth development of micropropagated and generatively reproduced wild cherry (Prunus avium (L.) L.) on the Polná demonstration plot (Czech Republic) up to the age of 15 years
J. Dostál, P. Novotný, J. Čáp
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 204-210abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
The first contribution to the fauna of psocids (Insecta: Psocoptera) in forests in the Drahanská vrchovina Hills (Czech Republic)
D. Mazáč
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 211-222abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Effect of mycorrhizal inoculation on black and white poplar in a lead-polluted soil
A. Salehi, M. Tabari Kouchaksaraei, E. Mohammadi Goltapeh, A. Shirvany, J. Mirzaei
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 223-228abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Response of diameter and height increment to thinning in oak-hornbeam coppice in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic
B. Fedorová, J. Kadavý, Z. Adamec, M. Kneifl, R. Knott
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 229-235abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Operator's physical workload in simulated logging and timber bucking by harvester
J. Dvořák, P. Natov, L. Natovová, J. Krilek, J. Kováč
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 236-244abstractdownload PDF

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