J. For. Sci., 62 (2016)

No. 9

Original Paper
Economic evaluation of the recreational use of forests: A case study of the Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny
P. Hlaváčková, D. Březina
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 389-398abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Determining the recreational value of forest park by travel cost method and defining its effective factors
M. Pirikiya, H. Amirnejad, J. Oladi, K. Ataie Solout
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 399-406abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Investigation of wood production and trading in Iran
B. Sotoudeh Foumani, S. Mohammadi Limaei, T. Rostami Shahraji
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 407-412abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Generalized height-diameter models for Fagus orientalis Lipsky in Hyrcanian forest, Iran

K. Ahmadi, S.J. Alavi
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 413-421abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Gas exchange responses of two poplar clones (Populus euramericana (Dode) Guinier 561/41 and Populus nigra Linnaeus 63/135) to lead toxicity

A.S. Emami, M. Tabari Kouchaksaraei, N. Bahramifar, A. Salehi
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 422-428abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Evaluation of applicability of IAS 41 – Agriculture to the valuation of growing forest stands and their accounting treatment in the Czech Republic
M. Stárová, H. Čermáková, T. Hlavsa, H. Vostrovská, M. Levá
J. For. Sci., 62 (2016): 429-440abstractdownload PDF

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