J. For. Sci., 63 (2017)

No. 4


Impacts of Central Tire Inflation Systems application on forest transportation – Review

Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan
J. For. Sci., 63 (2017): 153-160abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of the skid trail cross section and horizontal alignment on forest soil physical properties

Hossein Yazarlou, Aidin Parsakhoo, Hashem Habashi, Soltan Ali Soltauninejad
J. For. Sci., 63 (2017): 161-166abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of logging intensity on stem density, basal area and biodiversity indices five years after logging in a Caspian hardwood forest

Farshad Keivan Behjou, Omid Ghaffarzadeh Mollabashi
J. For. Sci., 63 (2017): 167-172abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Crown development of beech crop trees under different thinning regimes

Igor Štefančík
J. For. Sci., 63 (2017): 173-181abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Influence of storage on properties of wood chip material

Iwan Wästerlund, Peter Nilsson, Rolf Gref
J. For. Sci., 63 (2017): 182-191abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effects of geo-ecological conditions on larch wood variations in the North European part of Russia (Arkhangelsk region)

Nikolay A. Neverov, Vladimir V. Belyaev, Zinaida B. Chistova, Yuri G. Kutinov, Vadim V. Staritsyn, Elena V. Polyakova, Alexander L. Mineev
J. For. Sci., 63 (2017): 192-197abstractdownload PDF

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