J. For. Sci., 65 (2019)

No. 3

Original Paper

The changes of soil nutrient status after a 10y period in the Natural Forest Region Český les

Přemysl Fiala, Dušan Reininger, Tomáš Samek, Markéta Pospíchalová
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 87-95abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of fungal degradation on physicochemical properties of exploited stumps of oriental beech over a 25-year felling period and the obtained Kraft pulp properties

Yasin Rahmati, Kazem Nourmohammadi, Reza Naghdi, Davoud Kartoolinejad
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 96-105abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Investigation of physiological changes in the affected Quercus brantii stand by oak charcoal disease

Mohammad Rostamian, Mohammad Reza Kavosi, Edi Bazgir, Manoochehr Babanezhad
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 106-112abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Assessment of forest road pavement materials one year after restoration (Case study: Asalem forest in northern Iran)

Mahsa Hashemi, Ramin Naghdi, Mehrdad Nikooy, Vahid Hemmati
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 113-119abstractdownload PDF

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