J. For. Sci., 66 (2020)

No. 3

Original Paper

Vertical distribution and production of fine roots in an old-growth forest, Japan

Tran Van Doorcid , The Doi Bui
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 89-96abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Preventing forest fires using a wireless sensor network

Ligong Pan
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 97-104abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Willingness to pay for church forest conservation: a case study in northwestern Ethiopia

Birara Endalew, Beneberu Assefa Wondimagegnhu, Kassahun Tassie
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 105-116abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Development of the Norway spruce (Picea abies /L./ Karst.) stand established by various spacings and affected by abiotic harmful factors and ungulate game

Igor Štefančíkorcid
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 117-131abstractdownload PDF

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