J. For. Sci., 66 (2020)

No. 4

Original Paper

Retrieval of among-stand variances from one observation per stand

Steen Magnussen, Johannes Breidenbach
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 133-149abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Dominant woody species, their distribution and threat in Ambrolauri, Georgia

Tamar Khardzianiorcid , Roman Maisuradze
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 150-158abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Variations of soil physicochemical properties and vegetation cover under different altitudinal gradient, western Hyrcanean forest, north of Iran

Hassan Pourbabaei, Ali Salehi, Sepide Sadat Ebrahimi, Fazel Khodaparast
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 159-169abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Fuzzy and Boolean operation based modelling for evaluation of ecological capability in the Hyrcanian Forests

Ali Ghomi-Avili, Moslem Akbarinia, Seyed Mohsen Hosseini, Mohammad-Hasan Talebian, Hannes Dieter Knapp
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 170-184abstractdownload PDF

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