J. For. Sci., 66 (2020)

No. 6

Original Paper

Germinative capacity and energy of critically endangered Ojców birch (Betula oycoviensis Besser) in the Czech Republic

Josef Gallo, Zdeněk Vacek, Martin Baláš, Stanislav Vacek
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 227-235abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Induction of tolerance by chlorocholine chloride in Sequoia sempervirens seedlings under natural cooling and drought

Shuming Ju
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 236-243abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Morphological and molecular identification of ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with Persian oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) tree

Behnaz Yousefshahi, Masoud Bazgir, Samad Jamali, Fatemeh Valizadeh Kakhki
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 244-251abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Green space trends in small towns of Kyiv region according to EOS Land Viewer – a case study

Vasyl Yukhnovskyiorcid , Olga Zibtsevaorcid
J. For. Sci., 66 (2020): 252-263abstractdownload PDF

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