J. For. Sci., 67 (2021)

No. 1

Original Paper

Methodology of monitoring wood sources and consumption in the Czech Republic

Andrea Sujova, Róbert Babuka, Václav Kupčák
J. For. Sci., 67 (2021): 1-11abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The regeneration of Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) share in the secondary hornbeam stands using

Aydin Yakhyayev, Elshad Gurbanov, Farzaliyev Vahid, Farid Seyfullayev
J. For. Sci., 67 (2021): 12-20abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Growth and structure of pre-mature mixed stands of Scots pine created by direct seeding in the boreal zone

Aleksey Ilintsevorcid , Darya Soldatova, Alexander Bogdanov, Sergey Koptev, Sergey Tretyakov
J. For. Sci., 67 (2021): 21-35abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Conservation of forest through provision of alternative sources of income; evidence from rural households in Northern Pakistan

Muhammad Tufail, Ather Ahmed, Shahzad Alviorcid
J. For. Sci., 67 (2021): 36-50abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material

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