J. For. Sci., 68 (2022)

No. 7

Original Paper

Spruce forest litter structure, distribution, and water retention along hiking trails in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Yurii Ivanenkoorcid , Ganna Lobchenko, Volodymyr Maliuha, Vasyl Yukhnovskyi
J. For. Sci., 68 (2022): 241-252abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Susceptibility of Cydalima perspectalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) larvae to some reduced-risk insecticides in laboratory bioassays

Fatemeh Moradi Afrapoli, Mahmoud Mohammadi Shariforcid , Hasan Barimani Varandi, Masoumeh Shayanmehr
J. For. Sci., 68 (2022): 253-262abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) applied to evaluating the forest management approaches

Mohsen Mostafaorcid , Nishtman Hatami, Kambiz Espahbodi, Farhad Asadi
J. For. Sci., 68 (2022): 263-276abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Evaluation of coppice management relics based on coppice stool value variability in the Drahany Highlands

Robert Knott, Zdeněk Adamec, Barbora Uherkováorcid , Jan Kadavý, Michal Kneifl
J. For. Sci., 68 (2022): 277-286abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material

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