J. For. Sci., 53 (2007)

No. 12


INDEX OF VOLUME 53 Journal of Forest Science

J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): I-Vdownload PDF
Evaluation of qualitative attributes of forest ecosystems by means of numerical quantifiers
Š. Šmelko, M. Fabrika
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 529-537abstractdownload PDF
Variation of the tree form factor and taper in European larch of Polish provenances tested under conditions of the Beskid Sądecki mountain range (southern Poland)
J. Socha, M. Kulej
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 538-547abstractdownload PDF
Allometric relationships for surface area and dry mass of young Norway spruce aboveground organs
R. Pokorný, I. Tomášková
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 548-554abstractdownload PDF
Growth reaction of young wild cherry (Prunus aviumL.) trees to pruning
I. Kupka
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 555-560abstractdownload PDF
Root systems of forest tree species and their soil-conservation functions on the Krušné hory Mts. slopes disturbed by mining
P. Čermák, F. Fér
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 561-566abstractdownload PDF
Stem decay by Stereum sanguinolentum after red deer damage n the Českomoravská vrchovina Highlands
P. Čermák, M. Strejček
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 567-572abstractdownload PDF

No. 11

Heavy metals uptake by the hybrid aspen and rowan-tree clones
J. Malá, P. Máchová, H. Cvrčková, T. Vaněk
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 491-497abstractdownload PDF
Possibilities of using rooted cuttings of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) for stabilisation of forest ecosystems
A. Jurásek
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 498-504abstractdownload PDF
Influence of a planting hole application of dolomitic limestone powder and basalt grit on the growth of Carpathian birch (Betula carpatica W. et K.) and soil chemistry in the air-polluted Jizerské hory Mts.
I. Kuneš, V. Balcar, D. Zahradník
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 505-515abstractdownload PDF
Experiences with forest reclamation of settling basins after industrial processing of manganese ore and pyritic shales
P. Čermák, F. Fér
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 516-522abstractdownload PDF
Influence of soil temperature and precipitation depth on the biomass production of fruiting bodies of macromycetes in a submountain beech forest stand
R. Janík, I. Mihál
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 523-527abstractdownload PDF

No. 10

Feeding ecology of pine shoot beetles (Tomicus spp.) in tree crowns of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands under one-year outbreak
A. Borkowski
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 445-451abstractdownload PDF
Root system development and health condition of sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) in the air-polluted region of Krušné hory Mts.
O. Mauer, M. Pop, E. Palátová
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 452-461abstractdownload PDF
Methods of complex evaluation of the necrotic disease of beech
A. Cicák, I. Mihál, Ch. Tsakov, P. Petkov
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 462-466abstractdownload PDF
Regeneration under a shelterwood system of spruce-dominated forest stands at middle altitudes
J. Souček
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 467-475abstractdownload PDF
Productivity and costs of the mechanised cut-to-length wood harvesting system in clear-felling operations
R. Jiroušek, R. Klvač, A. Skoupý
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 476-482abstractdownload PDF
A contribution to the properties of combined plywood materials
J. Hrázský, P. Král
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 483-490abstractdownload PDF

No. 9

Germination of acorns and development of oak seedlings (Quercus robur L.) following flooding
C. Kühne, N. Bartsch
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 391-399abstractdownload PDF

Influence of stand density, thinning and elevated CO2 on stem wood density of spruce

I. Tomášková, R. Pokorný, M.V. Marek
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 400-405abstractdownload PDF
Game damage to forest trees
V. Malík, P. Karnet
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 406-412abstractdownload PDF
Cambioxylophagous fauna of young spruce stands damaged by snow in the Beskids
E. Kula, R. Kajfosz, W. Ząbecki
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 413-423abstractdownload PDF
Occurrence, biology and harmfulness of Galerucella lineola (F.) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) – Part 2. Larvae and this year’s beetles
J. Urban
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 424-444abstractdownload PDF

No. 8

Assessment of some forest characteristics employing IKONOS satellite data
Ľ. Scheer, R. Sitko
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 345-351abstractdownload PDF
Derivation of target stocking for forests of Norway spruce vegetation zone in Slovakia
M. Moravčík
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 352-358abstractdownload PDF
Risk factors influencing the probability of browsing by hoofed game on forest trees
V. Malík, J. Stuchlý
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 359-363abstractdownload PDF
Occurrence, biology and harmfulness of Galerucella lineola (F.) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) – Part 1. Last year’s (parent) beetles
J. Urban
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 364-380abstractdownload PDF
Parasitic Hymenoptera associated with Thecodiplosis brachyntera (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on the genus Pinus (Pinaceae) in the Czech Republic
V. Skuhravý, C. Thuróczy
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 381-389abstractdownload PDF

No. 7

Biological activity of anthropogenic soils after spoil-bank forest reclamation
J. Remeš, R. Šíša
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 299-307abstractdownload PDF
Selected physical properties of initial soils on the outside spoil bank of the Belchatow brown coal mine
M. Pajak, W. Krzaklewski
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 308-313abstractdownload PDF
Soil compaction caused by 450C Timber Jack wheeled skidder (Shefarood forest, northern Iran)
R. Naghdi, I. Bagheri, M. Akef, A. Mahdavi
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 314-319abstractdownload PDF
Improving RBS estimates − effects of the auxiliary variable, stratification of the crown, and deletion of segments on the precision of estimates
J. Cancino, J. Saborowski
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 320-333abstractdownload PDF
The fauna of cambioxylophagous insects on Scots pine trees declined after spells of drought in 2003
J. Foit
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 334-339abstractdownload PDF
Contribution to the knowledge of Clethrionomys glareolus populations in forests of managed landscape in Southern Moravia (Czech Republic)
J. Suchomel
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 340-344abstractdownload PDF

No. 6

Variability in swelling of spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) wood with the presence of compression wood
V. Gryc, H. Vavrčík, P. Horáček
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 243-252abstractdownload PDF
The Pinus mugo complex − its structuring and general overview of the used nomenclature
J. Hamerník, I. Musil
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 253-266abstractdownload PDF
Derivation of target structure for forests of Norway spruce vegetation zone in Slovakia
M. Moravčík
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 267-277abstractdownload PDF
Processes of loss, recruitment, and increment in stands of a primeval character in selected areas of the Pieniny National Park (southern Poland)
A. Jaworski, R. Podlaski
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 278-289abstractdownload PDF
Multifunctional forestry practices as a land use strategy to meet increasing private and public demands in modern societies
F. Schmithüsen
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 290-298abstractdownload PDF

No. 5

Spontaneous hybrids within the genus Abies − growth and development
V. Janeček, J. Kobliha
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 193-203abstractdownload PDF
Effect of hydrogel application on survival and growth of pine seedlings in reclamations
M. Sarvaš, P. Pavlenda, E. Takáčová
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 203-209abstractdownload PDF
Quality selection in young oak stands
L. Chroust
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 210-221abstractdownload PDF
Utilization of digital photogrammetry in forestry mapping
S. Žíhlavník, F. Chudý, M. Kardoš
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 222-230abstractdownload PDF
Determination of the pressing parameters of spruce water-resistant plywood
J. Hrázský, P. Král
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 231-242abstractdownload PDF

No. 4

About the benefits of poststratification in forest inventories
J. Saborowski, J. Cancino
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 139-148abstractdownload PDF
Uniqueness of limestone soil-forming substrate in the forest ecosystem classification
P. Šamonil
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 149-161abstractdownload PDF
Natural forest regeneration in spruce monocultures in the Ukrainian Beskids - prognosis by FORKOME model
I. Kozak, V. Parpan, G. Potaczala, H. Kozak, A. Zawadzki
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 162-169abstractdownload PDF
Production potential and ecological stability of mixed forest stands in uplands - VI. A beech/larch stand on a mesotrophic site of the Křtiny Training Forest Enterprise
V. Hurt, P. Kantor
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 170-184abstractdownload PDF
A pheasantry as the habitat of small terrestrial mammals (Rodentia, Insectivora) in southern Moravia (Czech Republic)
J. Suchomel, M. Heroldová
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 185-191abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

Mineral nutrition in relation to the Norway spruce forest decline in the region Horny Spis (Northern Slovakia)
Ľ. Ditmarová, J. Kmeť, M. Ježík, J. Váľka
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 93-100abstractdownload PDF
Multivariate statistical approach to comparison of the nutrient status of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) and top-soil properties in differently managed forest stands
P. Samec, D. Vavříček, P. Šimková, J. Pňáček
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 101-112abstractdownload PDF
The root-plant ratio changes in the first growing periods of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) plantations
I. Kupka
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 113-118abstractdownload PDF
Analysis of some dynamic series of forest production and trends of forest economics in the Czech Republic
V. Kupčák
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 119-128abstractdownload PDF
Variability in density of spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) wood with the presence of reaction wood
V. Gryc, P. Horáček
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 129-137abstractdownload PDF

No. 2

Initial evaluation of half-sib progenies of Norway spruce using the best linear unbiased prediction
J. Klápště, M. Lstibůrek, J. Kobliha
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 41-46abstractdownload PDF
Addressing spatial variability in provenance experiments exemplified in two trials with black spruce
T. Funda, M. Lstibůrek, J. Klápště, I. Permedlová, J. Kobliha
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 47-56abstractdownload PDF
First evaluation of growth parameters in clonal test with wild cherry
M. Hajnala, M. Lstibůrek, J. Kobliha
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 57-65abstractdownload PDF
Study of natural hybridization between Alnus incana (L.) Moench. and Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.
E.V. Banaev, V. Bažant
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 66-73abstractdownload PDF
Differential success of somatic embryogenesis in random gene pool of Norway spruce
M. Mauleová, J. Vítámvás
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 74-87abstractdownload PDF
The use of silica sand in micropropagation of woods
H. Prknová
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 88-92abstractdownload PDF

No. 1

Health condition of spruce stands in the Orlické hory Mts. in relation to climatic, anthropogenic and stand factors
T. Žid, P. Čermák
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 1-12abstractdownload PDF

Effects of salinity on leaf characteristics and CO2/H2O exchange of Kandelia candel (L.) Druce seedlings

D.-L. Qiu, P. Lin, S.Z. Guo
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 13-19abstractdownload PDF
Natural regeneration of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii [Mirb.] Franco) in forest stands of Hurky Training Forest District, Higher Forestry School and Secondary Forestry School in Pisek
F. Bušina
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 20-34abstractdownload PDF
Effects of varying doses of Frisol on European ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) planted on spoil banks
P. Bulíř
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 35-40abstractdownload PDF

Special Issue

Preface – International Conference Species Diversity, Population Structure and Impact of Animals and Fungi on Forest Functions in Anthropogenically Affected Spruce Forests
J. Holuša
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 1-2download PDF
Composition of psocid taxocenoses (Insecta: Psocoptera) in Fageti-Piceeta s. lat. and Piceeta s. lat. forests in the Western Carpathian Mts.
O. Holuša
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 3-10abstractdownload PDF
Flight activity of Anthribus nebulosus Forster, 1770 (Coleoptera: Anthribidae) and notes to its life history
J. Holuša, M. Trýzna
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 11-15abstractdownload PDF
Ecological conditions influencing the localization of egg-laying by females of the cockchafer (Melolontha hippocastani F.)
M. Švestka
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 16-24abstractdownload PDF
The results of manipulated experiments with inoculation of Ips typographus (L., 1758) to spruce trees under various levels of water stress
M. Turčáni, O. Nakládal
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 25-30abstractdownload PDF
The influence of irradiation on the behaviour and reproduction success of eight toothed bark beetle Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)
M. Turčáni, J. Vakula
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 31-37abstractdownload PDF
Spatio-temporal patterns of the Norway spruce decline in the Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki (Western Carpathians) in southern Poland
W. Grodzki
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 38-44abstractdownload PDF
Spatial distribution of four spruce bark beetles in north-western Slovakia
M. Turčáni, T. Hlásny
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 45-52abstractdownload PDF
Contribution to knowledge of Hylesinus fraxini (Panzer, 1779) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) natural enemies from Northern Moravia (Czech Republic)
O. Nakládal, M. Turčáni
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 53-56abstractdownload PDF
On the occurrence of web-spinning sawflies of the genus Cephalcia (Hymenoptera, Pamphiliidae) in the Czech Republic
J. Holuša, J. Liška, R. Modlinger, A. Véle
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 57-62abstractdownload PDF
Web-spinning sawflies of the genus Cephalcia Panzer (Hymenoptera, Pamphiliidae) in the Picea abies forests of the Beskidy Mountains (Poland)
M. Jachym
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 63-68abstractdownload PDF
Correlation between flight activity of sawflies Pristiphora abietina, P. saxesenii, P. gerula and P. leucopodia (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) and spruce (Picea abies) bud breaking in Eastern Czech Republic
J. Holuša, J. Lubojacký
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 69-73abstractdownload PDF
Neuroptera, Raphidioptera and Mecoptera assemblages inhabiting young spruce (Picea abies) forests: dominance structure and seasonal activity patterns
Ľ. Vidlička, J. Holuša
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 74-81abstractdownload PDF
Changes in the mycorrhizal status of some mountain spruce forests
V. Pešková
J. For. Sci., 53 (2007): 82-88abstractdownload PDF

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