J. For. Sci., 65 (2019)

No. 9

Original Paper

Growth response of mixed beech forests to climate change, various management and game pressure in Central Europe

Stanislav Vacek, Anna Prokůpková, Zdeněk Vacek, Daniel Bulušek, Václav Šimůnek, Ivo Králíček, Romana Prausová, Vojtěch Hájek
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 331-345abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Peculiarities of seasonal development and influence of ecological factors on the growth of thuja giant (Thuja Plicata Donn Ex D. Don) in the conditions of introduction in the right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine

Iryna Ivashchenko, Svitlana Adamenko, Volodymyr Shlapak
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 346-355abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of pollen performance on low seed fertility in a Greek population of Juniperus excelsa

Eleftherios Karapatzak, Georgios Varsamis, Irene Koutseri, Ioannis Takos, Theodora Merou
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 356-367abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Forest management decision-making using goal programming and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process approaches (case study: Hyrcanian forests of Iran)

Seyedeh Soma Etemad, Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei, Leif Olsson, Rasoul Yousefpour
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 368-379abstractdownload PDF

No. 8

Original Paper

Accelerated formation of Siberian pine (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) stands: a case study from Siberia

Nikita Debkov
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 291-300abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of forest management on the frequency of dangerous trees in the Northern forests of Iran

Mehrdad Nikooy, Alireza Ghomi, Farzam Tavankar
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 301-308abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of some commercial plant oils on the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae)

Şeyma Yigit, İslam Saruhan, İzzet Akça
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 309-312abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Variations in the length of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) needles under the influence of climatic factors and solar activity in different conditions of northern taiga

Olga Tyukavina, Nikolay Neverov, Alexander Mineev
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 313-320abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

A smoke image segmentation algorithm based on rough set and region growing

Haitao Wang, Yanli Chen
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 321-329abstractdownload PDF

No. 7

Original Paper

Soil properties and carbon sequestration in Persian oak (Quercus brantii var. persica) forests, Iran

Ali Mahdavi, Azadeh Maleki, Masoud Bazgir
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 247-255abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

State of beech pole stands established at the clear-cut and in the underplanting

Vilém Podrázský
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 256-262abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The effect of spruce plantation density on resilience of mixed forests in the Perm Krai

Ludmila A. Ivanchina, Sergei V. Zalesov
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 263-271abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Impact of long and short-term conservation periods on structure of English yew (Taxus baccata L.) in Arasbaran forests, Iran

Sajad Ghanbari, Kiomars Sefidi, Matthew Aghai
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 272-282abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of the root biotechnical characteristics of Alnus subcordata, Paulownia fortunei and Populus deltoides on the soil mechanics

Ali Akbar Mohammad Ali Pourmalekshah, Mohamad Hadi Moayeri, Aidin Parsakhoo
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 283-290abstractdownload PDF

No. 6

Original Paper

The effect of the Sequoiadendron giganteum (Lindl.) Buchholz cone crystals on germination

Hana Prknová
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 203-208abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Forecasting drying up of spruce forests in Transcarpathia (Ukraine) using the FORKOME model

Ihor Kozak, Taras Parpan
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 209-217abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The reaction of different Sorbus L. species to low temperatures during thaw in the Orel region

Zoya Ozherelieva, Olga Emelianova
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 218-225abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The perception of forests by the Czech Republic general public

Hana Krejčí, Marta Stárová, Ivan Hrbek, Miroslava Navrátilová, Markéta Beranová
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 226-233abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

International assessment of bioenergy stakeholders research requirements of GIS based biomass analytics

Brianna Heeley, Sanjeev Srivastava, Mohammad  Ghaffariyan
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 234-246abstractdownload PDF

No. 5

Original Paper

Quantification of the economic value of the recreational function of forests in the territory of Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s.

David Březina, Jakub Michal, Zdeněk Adamec, Jana Burdová
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 161-170abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

People’s attitudes towards deadwood in forest: evidence from the Ukrainian Carpathians

Oksana Pelyukh, Alessandro Paletto, Lyudmyla Zahvoyska
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 171-182abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Distance driven and driving speed when forwarding during final felling in Central Sweden

Simon Berg, Back Tomas Ersson, Jussi Manner
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 183-194abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Degradation of landscapes in the South of the Privolzhsky Upland

Valery Grigorievich Yuferev, Aleksey Anatolyevich Zavalin, Yuri Nikolaevich Pleskachev, Anastasia Vasilievna Vdovenko, Sergey Denisovich Fomin, Elena Sergeevna Vorontsova
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 195-202abstractdownload PDF

No. 4

Original Paper

Selection of a chipper technology for small-scale operations – a Finnish case

Juha Laitila, Robert Prinz, Lauri Sikanen
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 121-133abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Height-diameter relationship for Pinus koraiensis in Mengjiagang Forest Farm of Northeast China using nonlinear regressions and artificial neural network models

Tuan Nguyen Thanh, Tai Dinh Tien, Hai Long Shen
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 134-143abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Behavioural profile effect of forestry machine operators in the learning process

Millana Burger Pagnussat, Eduardo Silva Lopes, Rachael D. Seidler
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 144-149abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Early smoke detection of forest fires based on SVM image segmentation

Ding Xiong, Lu Yan
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 150-159abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

Original Paper

The changes of soil nutrient status after a 10y period in the Natural Forest Region Český les

Přemysl Fiala, Dušan Reininger, Tomáš Samek, Markéta Pospíchalová
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 87-95abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Effect of fungal degradation on physicochemical properties of exploited stumps of oriental beech over a 25-year felling period and the obtained Kraft pulp properties

Yasin Rahmati, Kazem Nourmohammadi, Reza Naghdi, Davoud Kartoolinejad
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 96-105abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Investigation of physiological changes in the affected Quercus brantii stand by oak charcoal disease

Mohammad Rostamian, Mohammad Reza Kavosi, Edi Bazgir, Manoochehr Babanezhad
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 106-112abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Assessment of forest road pavement materials one year after restoration (Case study: Asalem forest in northern Iran)

Mahsa Hashemi, Ramin Naghdi, Mehrdad Nikooy, Vahid Hemmati
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 113-119abstractdownload PDF

No. 2


Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) and its role in the Czech forests

Jan Mondek, Martin Baláš
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 41-50abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Interception and soil water relation in Norway spruce stands of different age during the contrasting vegetation seasons of 2017 and 2018

Vít Šrámek, Kateřina Neudertová Hellebrandová, Věra Fadrhonsová
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 51-60abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Forest landscape aesthetic quality model (FLAQM): A comparative study on landscape modelling using regression analysis and artificial neural networks

Ali Jahani
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 61-69abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Potential of Landsat spectral indices in regard to the detection of forest health changes due to drought effects

Martin Hais, Kateřina Neudertová Hellebrandová, Vít Šrámek
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 70-78abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

Influence of morphometric parameters of relief on macro- and microstructure of wood Pinus silvestris L. in the North of the Russian plain

Nikolay Neverov, Vladimir Belyaev, Zinaida Chistova, Yuri Kutinov, Vadim Staritsyn, Elena Polyakova, Alexander Mineev, Olga Tyukavina
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 79-85abstractdownload PDF

No. 1

List of reviewers


J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): I-IIdownload PDF
Original Paper

Nutrition of Douglas-fir in four different regions of the Czech Republic

Vít Šrámek, Věra Fadrhonsová, Kateřina Neudertová Hellebrandová
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 1-8abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Investigation on Zagros forests cover changes under the recent droughts using satellite imagery

Marjan Goodarzi, Mehdi Pourhashemi, Zahra Azizi
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 9-17abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Estimation of forest development stage and crown closure using different classification methods and satellite images: A case study from Turkey

Sinan Bulut, Alkan Günlü, Sedat Keleş
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 18-26abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Assessment of LST and NDMI indices using MODIS and Landsat images in Karun riparian forest

Marjan Firoozy Nejad, Amin Zoratipour
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 27-32abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Influence of growing conditions on morphological and anatomical characteristics of pine needles in the northern taiga

Olga N. Tyukavina, Nikolay A. Neverov, Denis N. Klevtsov
J. For. Sci., 65 (2019): 33-39abstractdownload PDF

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