Fertilization of Norway spruce plantations on the bulldozer-spread windrows in the Ore Mts.

https://doi.org/10.17221/11849-JFSCitation:Remeš J., Podrázský V.V., Ulbrichová I., Meduna V. (2005): Fertilization of Norway spruce plantations on the bulldozer-spread windrows in the Ore Mts. J. For. Sci., 51: 49-53.
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The spreading of bulldozer-formed windrows represents a second stage of the site restoration with bulldozers utilization in the Ore Mts. In the first period, bulldozers were used to create windrows for mechanized reforestation of immission-declined stands, causing profound devastation of forest sites, because removed surface humus was the only source of nutrients and environment for tree species roots. Preparatory stands have been established, and have to undergo re-construction in the coming years. Nowadays, the windrows are spread by the bulldozers again, covering 1/3 f the whole area between windrows by the rest of holorganic matter. This substratum is impoverished by the extensive mineralization and connected nutrient (especially N) losses, representing differently suitable space for tree rooting. Presented paper documents the effects of fertilization by different types of the SILVAMIX fertilizer on the growth and prosperity of new spruce plantations. Effects of fertilization are visible very soon and they are significantly beneficial for the new forest plantations.

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