Goji berry gall mite Aceria kuko occurrence in the Czech Republic – short communication

https://doi.org/10.17221/14/2017-PPSCitation:Hrudová E., Šafránková I. (2018): Goji berry gall mite Aceria kuko occurrence in the Czech Republic – short communication. Plant Protect. Sci., 54: 39-42.
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Damage caused by the Goji berry gall mite, Aceria kuko (Kishida, 1927) was observed on the leaves of Lycium chinense Miller (Solanaceae) in Brno in August 2016 and on L. barbarum L. in Popovice in September 2016. Aceria kuko is a pest of Asian origin which is common in China and occurs only sporadically on Goji berry plants in the European Union. This is the first observation of the Goji berry gall mite occurrence in the Czech Republic.

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