The determination of the resistance inheritance against common bunt in wheat and half-diallel hybridsören Palabiyik G., Poyraz İ., Umay A. (2019): The determination of the resistance inheritance against common bunt in wheat and half-diallel hybrids. Plant Protect. Sci., 55: 255-261.
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This study was conducted to determine the inheritance of common bunt resistance in twelve bread wheat varieties and their half-diallel hybrids in Turkey. The disease ratings were performed on the F2 generations of the hybrids in field conditions. The obtained data were analysed by the χ2 test to determine the effective gene numbers and inheritance type in the disease resistance. In addition, the data were evaluated according to the Jinks-Hayman diallel analyses. In conclusion, it was found that of the twelve wheat parents, four contained three resistance genes and four of them contain two resistance genes. The dominant genes were prominent in the population and complete dominance was present. Therefore, the selection for disease resistance should be delayed until the following generations.

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