Pea streak virus recorded in Europe T., Bečková M., Fránová J., Petrzik K. (2016): Pea streak virus recorded in Europe. Plant Protect. Sci., 52: 164-166.
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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is concluded to be the principal reservoir of Pea streak virus (PeSV, genus Carlavirus) which induces necrotic streaking symptoms in pea. This virus is prevalent in pea growing areas in the USA, but in Europe it was recorded only once almost 60 years ago. Recently, filamentous virus particles 600–700 nm long have been observed in examined plant sap of alfalfa with leaf malformation, local necrotic lesions and yellow spots on leaves. Four kilo base pairs nucleotide sequence of PeSV including partial replicase gene, triple gene block, and capsid protein (CP) gene has been determined. On the nucleotide level, the sequence of the CP has about 80% identity with the North American isolates of PeSV, however, on the amino acid level the sequence has more than 94% identity. This is the first sequence-based proof of PeSV presence in Europe.
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