Obituary of Professor Ing. Václav Kůdela, DrSc. (1936–2022)

Lebeda A. (2022): Obituary of Professor Ing. Václav Kůdela, DrSc. (1936–2022). Plant. Prot. Sci., 58: 269-271.

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On  February 23, 2022, the great Czech plant pathologist, and my personal friend and esteemed colleague, prof. Václav Kůdela passed away. For over 15 years (1990–2006), he served as the Editor-in-Chief for our journal, Plant Protection Science. His whole adult life was connected with agriculture, plant pathology, plant protection and the science of phytotherapy. However, he was also man who accepted, maintained, applied and lived his life following specific, serious traditional rules. The trajectory of his life and its fundamental message arose primarily from his family origins and experiences in youth.

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