Is the double-spined bark beetle Ips duplicatus a new threat to Picea omorika in urban habitats?

Vakula J., Zúbrik M., Galko J., Gubka A., Kunca A., Nikolov C., Saniga M., Zach P. (2021): Is the double-spined bark beetle Ips duplicatus a new threat to Picea omorika in urban habitats? Plant Protect. Sci., 57: 248–251.

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The double-spined bark beetle Ips duplicatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae) is an invasive forest pest having a broad range of coniferous hosts within Europe. We found this species to be also developing in the Serbian spruce Picea omorika. Ips duplicatus infested 14 (52%) of 27 P. omorika mature trees in an arboretum garden in northern Slovakia in Central Europe during the summer of 2019. Logs from the upper part of stems of P. omorika trees placed in eclectors in the laboratory, yielded a total of 179 individuals of three scolytine species, with prevalence of I. duplicatus. Our results show that I. duplicatus also colonized less likely host such as the Serbian spruce, causing threat to this ornamental tree and contributing to its mortality in urban habitats during hot and dry summer weather.

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