An updated checklist of thrips from Slovakia with emphasis on economic species

Zvaríková M., Masarovič R., Prokop P., Fedor P. (2020): An updated checklist of thrips from Slovakia with emphasis on economic species. Plant Protect. Sci., 56: 292–304.

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Almost sixty years after the first published plea for more systematic research on thrips in Slovakia, the checklist undisputedly requires an appropriate revision with a special emphasis on the economic consequences of climate change and biological commodity trade globalisation synergic effects, followed by the dynamic and significant changes in the native biodiversity due to alien species introduction. The updated checklist contains 189 species  ecorded from the area of Slovakia, from three families: Aeolothripidae Uzel, 1895 (15 species), Thripidae Stephens, 1829 (113 species) and Phlaeothripidae Uzel, 1895 (61 species), including 7 beneficiary and 35 economic pest elements, such as one A2 EPPO quarantine pest (Frankliniella occidentalis) and five potential transmitters of tospoviruses (F. occidentalis, F. intonsa, F. fusca, Thrips tabaci, Dictyothrips betae). Several species (e.g., Hercinothrips femoralis, Microcephalothrips abdominalis, F. occidentalis, T. flavus, T. tabaci, Limothrips cerealium, L. denticornis, etc.) may possess a heavy introduction and invasion potential with well-developed mechanisms for successful dispersion.

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