Genetic diversity analysis in blackgram (Vigna mungo) genotypes using microsatellite markers for resistance to Yellow mosaic virus

Korattukudy C.A., Tamilarasi A.P.L.M.A.S., Rengasamy K., Devadhasan S., Shunmugavel S., Yasin J.K., Madhavan A.P. (2022): Genetic diversity analysis in blackgram (Vigna mungo) genotypes using microsatellite markers for resistance to Yellow mosaic virus. Plant Protect. Sci., 58: 110–124.

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One hundred and two blackgram genotypes were evaluated for Yellow mosaic virus (YMV) resistance based on disease scoring, molecular characterisation, yield and morphological observation. An analysis of variance and a correlation analysis were performed on nine biometric traits. The genotypes showed the highest genetic variation for a single plant yield (genotypic coefficient variation 42.72%). The genotypes were grouped into 18 clusters based on the morphological data. The genetic divergence among the blackgram genotypes was differentiated by 60 alleles using 14 polymorphic simple sequence repeat markers. The polymorphism information content value varied from 0.37 to 0.79. The multivariate analyses of the simple sequence repeat marker scorings divided the germplasm into five divergent clusters wherein, clusters viz., II, III and V accommodated 61 genotypes and all these genotypes were resistant to moderately resistant for YMV. The tolerant accessions identified from this present investigation can be directly used for further crop improvement programmes.

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