Cucumber mosaic virus causal pathogen of oily spots on cucumber cv. Locale fruits in Mauritius – short communication K.K., Svoboda J., Lebeda A., Dhooky D.Y., Benimadhu S.P. (2015): Cucumber mosaic virus causal pathogen of oily spots on cucumber cv. Locale fruits in Mauritius – short communication . Plant Protect. Sci., 51: 123-126.
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A field survey was carried out in cucumber plantations from different localities in Mauritius to identify the causal pathogen and assess incidence of oily spots on cucumber fruits cv. Locale. ELISA tests on symptomatic fruits showed the presence of CMV and ZYMV. The viruses from the genus Potyvirus PRSV and WMV-2 were not detected in the samples screened. Three types of symptoms were observed on infected cucumber fruits: distortion; distortion with oily spots, and oily spots. CMV was detected on fruits showing distortion with oily spots and those with oily spots only. ZYMV was detected in all fruits with distortion and not in those with oily spots only. The above findings showed that oily spots on fruits are caused by infection with CMV. Mechanical transmission of CMV from the oily spotted cucumber fruits to young cucumber cv. Locale plants clearly indicate the association of CMV infection with the oily spot symptoms.

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