Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999)

No. 3

Original Paper

Serological and biochemical distinguishing of Pseudomonas syringae pathovars on peas

Pánková I., Kokošková B.
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 79-84abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Virulence of wheat leaf rust in Slovakia in 1997–1998

Bartoš P., Huszár J., Herzová E.
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 85-92abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Occurrence of plum pox virus in plums, myrobalans, blackthorns, apricots and peaches in South Moravia along the Austrian border

Polák J.
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 93-95abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

The fusarloses of barley with emphasis on the content of trichothecene

Hýsek J., Váňová M., Hajšlová J., Radová Z., Koutecká J., Tvarůžek L
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 96-102abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Seed size and dormancy in Rumex obtusifolius

Martínková A., Honěk A., Pudil F.
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 103-107abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Pathogenicity of Beauveria bassiana strains isolated from Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. (Lepidopte­ra: Pyralidae) to original host and to ladybirds (Coleoptera: Coccinelidae)

Cagáň C., Uhlík V.
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 108-112abstractdownload PDF
Book Review

Nematode Vectors of Plant VIrusse

Ryšánek P.
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 113-113download PDF
Book Review

Die Eichnschädlinge und ihre Feinde

Šedivý J.
Plant Protect. Sci., 35 (1999): 114-114download PDF

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