Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000)

No. 2

Original Paper

Comparison of DAS-ELISA and enzyme amplified ELISA for detection of Wheat dwarf virus in host plants and leafhopper vectors

Josef Vacke, Radim Cibulka
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 41-45download PDF
Original Paper

Characteristics of polyclonal antisera for detection and determination of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. insidiosus

Blanka Kokošková, Iveta Pánková, Václav Krejzar
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 46-52download PDF
Original Paper

Virulence analyses of the populations of Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici in the Slovak Republic 1996–1998

Jozef Huszár
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 53-56download PDF
Original Paper

Differantiation ov cereal eyespot fungi using morphologic characteristics and PCR diagnosti texts

Marie Váňová, Ivana Polišenská, Pavel Vejl, Sylva Skupinová
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 57-64download PDF
Original Paper

Cumulative and actual population size of stored-product pests: Effect on initial numbers and rate of increase

Václav Stejskal
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 65-68download PDF

Anaerobic seed treatment to control loose smut of barley and wheat

Ivan Ujevič
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 69-71download PDF
Book Review

V. Skuhravý, M. Skuhravá: Bejlomorky lesních stromů a keřů

Jaroslav Pelikán
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 72-72download PDF
Bibliographical Notice

Bibliographical Notice – Ing. Pavel Bartoš, DrSc.

Ivo Bareš
Plant Protect. Sci., 36 (2000): 73-80download PDF

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