Plant Protect. Sci., 39 (2003)

No. 4

Index Volume 39
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Evaluation of efficacy of Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV) to control the codling moth (Cydia pomonella L., Lep.: Tortricidae) in field trials

Jitka Stará, František Kocourek
Plant Protect. Sci., 39 (2003): 117-125abstractdownload PDF

The presence of non-target lepidopteran species in pheromone traps for fruit tortricid moths

Eva Hrudová
Plant Protect. Sci., 39 (2003): 126-131abstractdownload PDF

Thrips (Thysanoptera) of vegetable crops (okro, spinach, garden egg and pumpkin) grown in Southeastern Nigeria

Evangelina T. Oparaocha, Raphael N. Okigbo
Plant Protect. Sci., 39 (2003): 132-138abstractdownload PDF

Molecular variability of Citrus exocortis viroid in a single naturally infected citrus tree

Amine Elleuch, Mohamed Marrakchi, Dominique Lévesque, Nabina Bessais, Jean Pierre Perreault, Hatem Fakhfakh
Plant Protect. Sci., 39 (2003): 139-145abstractdownload PDF
Molecular and Biochemical Methods Used for the Identification of Globodera Species in Slovenia (from 6th Conference of European Foundation for Plant Pathology, Prague, Czech Republic, 8–14 September 2002)
S. Širca, G. Urek, V. Meglič
Plant Protect. Sci., 39 (2003): 151-153abstractdownload PDF

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