Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004)

No. 4

Index Volume 40
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): -download PDF
Genomic of the severe isolate of Maize chlorotic dwarf virus
Chaouch R., Redinbaugh M. G., Marrakchi M., Hogenhout S.A.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): 113-119abstractdownload PDF
Biological and serological procedures to detect three nepoviruses in fruit trees
Polák J., Chaloupková M., Jokeš M.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): 121-127abstractdownload PDF
Inhibitory effect of Pseudomonas spp. on the development of Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium expansum
Bryk H., Dyki B., Sobiczewski P.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): 128-134abstractdownload PDF
Virulence frequencies to powdery mildew resistance genes of winter barley cultivars
Dreiseitl A.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): 135-140abstractdownload PDF
Influence of temperature and host plants on the development and fecundity of the spider mite Tetranychus urticae (Acarina: Tetranychidae)
Praslička J., Huszár J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): 141-144abstractdownload PDF
Potential insecticidal activity of extracts from 18 species of medicinal plants on larvae of Spodoptera littoralis – Short Communication
Pavela R., Chermenskaya T.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): 145-150abstractdownload PDF
Origin, mechanism and molecular basis of weed resistance to herbicides
Chodová D., Mikulka J., Kočová M., Salava J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 40 (2004): 151-168abstractdownload PDF

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