Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009)

Special Issue

Pokorný R., Lebeda A.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S1-S2download PDF
Preparing for changes in plant disease due to climate change
Shaw M. W.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S3-S10abstractdownload PDF
Climate change impacts on selected aspects of the Czech agricultural production
Žalud Z., Trnka M., Dubrovský M., Hlavinka P., Semerádová D., Kocmánková E.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S11-S19abstractdownload PDF
Influence of climate changes in the Czech Republic on the distribution of plant viruses and phytoplasmas originally from the mediterranean subtropical region
Polák J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S20-S26abstractdownload PDF
Potential impact of climate change on geographic distribution of plant pathogenic bacteria in Central Europe
Kůdela V.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S27-S32abstractdownload PDF
Prediction model for deoxynivalenol in wheat grain based on weather conditions
Váňová M., Klem K., Matušinský P., Trnka M.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S33-S37abstractdownload PDF
Will climatic changes enhance the risk of Tilletia indica in Europe?
Dumalasová V., Bartoš P.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S38-S40abstractdownload PDF
Long-lasting changes in the species spectrum of cucurbit powdery mildew in the Czech Republic – influence of air temperature changes or random effect?
Lebeda A., Sedláková B., Křístková E., Vysoudil M.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S41-S47abstractdownload PDF
Impact of climate change on the occurrence and activity of harmful organisms
Kocmánková E., Trnka M., Juroch J., Dubrovský M., Semerádová D., Možný M., Žalud Z.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S48-S52abstractdownload PDF
Climate change and its possible influence on the occurrence and importance of insect pests
Laštůvka Z.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S53-S62abstractdownload PDF
Changes in weed species spectrum of perennial weeds on arable land, meadows and pastures
Mikulka J., Korčáková M., Burešová V., Andr J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S63-S66abstractdownload PDF

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