Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015)

No. 4

Index of Volume 51 (2015)
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): I-IXdownload PDF
Recent developments and challenges in chemical disease control – a review
Leadbeater A.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 163-169abstractdownload PDF
Fungicide resistance: facing the challenge – a review
Hollomon D.W.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 170-176abstractdownload PDF
Real-time PCR applied to study on plant pathogens: potential applications in diagnosis – a review
Mirmajlessi S.M., Loit E., Mänd M., Mansouripour S.M.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 177-190abstractdownload PDF
Short Note
Is species diversity of various crop “pest taxa” proportionate to efforts paid to their research? A scientometric analysis in the Czech Republic – short note
Stejskal V., Honěk A.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 191-194abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Seed transmissibility of viruses in winter squash landraces collected from the Black Sea region of Turkey
Sevik M.A., Balkaya A.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 195-199abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Bioassay and phylogeny of five Iranian isolates of Cucumber mosaic virus from different hosts based on CP gene sequence
Eyvazi A., Dizadji A., Rastgou M., Koohi Habibi M.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 200-207abstractdownload PDF
Case Report
Current situation of tomato yellow leaf curl disease (TYLCD) in Antalya, Turkey
Gul-Seker M., Ekinci H., Ozturk C., Elibuyuk I.O.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 208-213abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Efficacy and selectivity of pre-emergent sunflower herbicides under different soil moisture conditions
Jursík M., Soukup J., Holec J., Andr J., Hamouzová K.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 214-222abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper
Management of maize stand height using growth regulators
Spitzer T., Míša P., Bílovský J., Kazda J.
Plant Protect. Sci., 51 (2015): 223-230abstractdownload PDF

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