Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009)

No. 4

Index of Volume 45 (2009), Authors Index, Authors Institution Index, List of Reviewers, Subject Index
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): I-Xdownload PDF
Where will the next Norman Borlaug come from? A U.S. perspective of plant pathology education and research.
Martyn R.D.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 125-139abstractdownload PDF
Detection of Cherry leaf roll virus and Strawberry latent ring spot virus by one-step RT-PCR
Kumari S.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 140-143abstractdownload PDF
Distribution of Plum pox virus strains in natural sources in the Czech Republic
Polák J., Komínek P.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 144-147abstractdownload PDF
Effect of plant populations on the incidence of bean stem maggot (Ophiomyia spp.) in common bean intercropped with maize
Peter K.H., Swella G.B., Mushobozy D.M.K.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 149-155abstractdownload PDF
Feeding preferences of Phyllotreta herbivores to winter rape and chosen weeds
Štolcová J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 156-160abstractdownload PDF
Effectiveness of some botanical insecticides against Spodoptera littoralis Boisduvala (Lepidoptera: Noctudiae), Myzus persicae Sulzer (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae)
Pavela R.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 161-167abstractdownload PDF

No. 3

The viral etiology of tomato yellow leaf curl disease – a review
Glick E., Levy Y., Gafni Y.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 81-97abstractdownload PDF
Pathogenicity of three commercial products of entomopathogenic fungi, Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizum anisopilae and Lecanicillium lecanii against adults of olive fly, Bactrocera oleae (Gmelin) (Diptera: Tephritidae) in the laboratory
Mahmoud M.F.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 98-102abstractdownload PDF
The importance of monitoring the Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus female flight activity for the timing of insecticidal treatment
Seidenglanz M., Poslušná J. Hrudová E.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 103-112abstractdownload PDF
The use of herbicides for weed control in direct wet-seeded rice (Oryza sativa L.) in rice production regions in the Republic of Macedonia
Pacanoski Z., Glatkova G.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 113-118abstractdownload PDF
Monitoring of harmful insect species in urban conditions in selected model areas of Slovakia
Kollár J., Hrubík P., Tkáčová S.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 119-124abstractdownload PDF

No. 2

The myth of organic agriculture
Pacanoski Z.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 39-48abstractdownload PDF
Assessing the suitability of morphological and phenotypical traits to screen sesame accessions for resistance to Fusarium wilt and charcoal rot diseases
El-Bramawy M. A. E.-H. S., El-Hendawy S. E.-S., Shaban W. I.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 49-58abstractdownload PDF
Insect damage to and mortality of seedlings of Chenopodium album L. and Fallopia convolvulus (L.) Á.Löve
Štolcová J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 59-65abstractdownload PDF
Effect of plant essential oils on mortality of the stem nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci)
Zouhar M., Douda O., Lhotský D., Pavela R.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 66-73abstractdownload PDF
Chalara fraxinea – ash dieback in the Czech Republic
Jankovský L., Holdenrieder O.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 74-78abstractdownload PDF
A. Lebeda, P.T.N. Spencer-Phillips, B.M. Cooke (eds) – The Downy Mildews – Genetics, Molecular Biology and Control
Veverka K.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 79-80download PDF

No. 1

Apple burrknots involved in trunk canker initiation and dying of young trees
Kůdela V., Krejzar V., Kundu J.K., Pánková I., Ackermann P.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 1-11abstractdownload PDF
Peronospora hariotii on Buddleja in the Czech Republic
Šafránková I., Müller J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 12-15abstractdownload PDF
Records of Brown spot needle blight related to Lecanosticta acicola in the Czech Republic
Jankovský L., Palovčíková D., Dvořák M., Tomšovský M.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 16-18abstractdownload PDF
Comparative susceptibility of different legume seeds to infestation by cowpea bruchid Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Swella G. B., Mushobozy D. M. K.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 19-25abstractdownload PDF

Report on Plasmodiophorids and Related Organisms – An International Workshop held on 23rd August 2008, Torino, Italy (as a part of ICPP 2008)

Dixon G. R.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): 25-38download PDF

Special Issue

Pokorný R., Lebeda A.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S1-S2download PDF
Preparing for changes in plant disease due to climate change
Shaw M. W.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S3-S10abstractdownload PDF
Climate change impacts on selected aspects of the Czech agricultural production
Žalud Z., Trnka M., Dubrovský M., Hlavinka P., Semerádová D., Kocmánková E.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S11-S19abstractdownload PDF
Influence of climate changes in the Czech Republic on the distribution of plant viruses and phytoplasmas originally from the mediterranean subtropical region
Polák J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S20-S26abstractdownload PDF
Potential impact of climate change on geographic distribution of plant pathogenic bacteria in Central Europe
Kůdela V.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S27-S32abstractdownload PDF
Prediction model for deoxynivalenol in wheat grain based on weather conditions
Váňová M., Klem K., Matušinský P., Trnka M.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S33-S37abstractdownload PDF
Will climatic changes enhance the risk of Tilletia indica in Europe?
Dumalasová V., Bartoš P.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S38-S40abstractdownload PDF
Long-lasting changes in the species spectrum of cucurbit powdery mildew in the Czech Republic – influence of air temperature changes or random effect?
Lebeda A., Sedláková B., Křístková E., Vysoudil M.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S41-S47abstractdownload PDF
Impact of climate change on the occurrence and activity of harmful organisms
Kocmánková E., Trnka M., Juroch J., Dubrovský M., Semerádová D., Možný M., Žalud Z.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S48-S52abstractdownload PDF
Climate change and its possible influence on the occurrence and importance of insect pests
Laštůvka Z.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S53-S62abstractdownload PDF
Changes in weed species spectrum of perennial weeds on arable land, meadows and pastures
Mikulka J., Korčáková M., Burešová V., Andr J.:
Plant Protect. Sci., 45 (2009): S63-S66abstractdownload PDF

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