Practical application of integrated disease management V., Hausladen H., Habermeyer H. (2002): Practical application of integrated disease management. Plant Protect. Sci., 38: 212-220.
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A decision support system for cereal diseases and late blight of potatoes has been developed at the Chair of Phytopathology,
Technische Universität München. The Wheat and Barley Prognosis System has been in use for many years by the
Bavarian official advisory service. It is based on an exact diagnosis and established biological thresholds influenced by
weather. Certain fungicides are recommended also covering diseases which have not reached the threshold. Diseases under
consideration are eye spot disease, powdery mildew, Septoria leaf blotch, Septoria leaf and glume blotch, tan spot, brown
and yellow rusts.The PhytophthoraModel Weihenstephan consists of two parts, weather based prognosis and monitoring in
the unsprayed control plots. Spraying recommendations are given based on the results of the above-mentioned parts and
considering cultivar behaviour and blight development in the field. The first spraying in the season as well as the timing
of the following ones are crucial. This model does not give any recommendations regarding which active ingredient should
applied. However there is a distinction made with regard to contact (protective) fungicides and systemic fungicides. The
PhytophthoraModel Weihenstephan has been in use for several years in Germany as well as in Austria.
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