Genetics of disease resistance in Arabidopsis to crop pathogens E.B., Tör M., Cooper A., Gordon P., Gunn N. (2002): Genetics of disease resistance in Arabidopsis to crop pathogens. Plant Protect. Sci., 38: S151-S154.
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Arabidopsis is universally resistant as a species to many crop pathogens, including examples from other crucifers such
as Albugo candida and Hyaloperonospora parasitica from Brassica oleracea. This species level trait could potentially
provide a source of durable disease resistance in crops if examples can be found which are amenable to molecular genetic
characterization. Our research has developed from the observation that null mutation in Arabidopsis of a defense regulatory
gene EDS1 (enhanced disease susceptibility) is susceptible to isolates of A. candida and H. parasitica from brassica.
EDS1 is required by a major structural class of R-genes to confer resistance in Arabidopsis. We have therefore focused
on identifying R-genes in Arabidopsis that are responsible for conferring resistance to brassica pathogens.
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