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  • An international peer-reviewed journal published under the auspices of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Founded 1921 (by 1997 under the title Ochrana rostlin)
  • The journal is administered by an international Editorial Board
  • Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Ing. Aleš Lebeda, DrSc.
  • Executive Editor: Mgr. Petra Kolářová
  • The journal is published quarterly


Thematic scope

original papers, short communications, critical reviews, personal news, and book reviews covering all areas of diseases and pests of plants, weeds and plant protection. Papers are published in English.

New Executive Editor welcome on the board!

We would like to introduce you new Executive Editor of the journal – Mgr. Petra Kolářová. She will be in charge of the journal since March 2019. Mgr. Petra Kolářová is an experienced Executive Editor of a scientific journal and wish her a lot of success in her work.

RNDr. Marcela Braunová: Executive Editor of Plant Protection Science – retired

In March 2019, RNDr. Marcela Braunová, the long-serving Executive Editor of the scientific journal Plant Protection Science, retired. Over a 47-year career, Dr. M. Braunová has displayed a very high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm, strong involvement in editorial activities, immeasurable contributions to the development of all journals published by CAAS, while helping to guide their transformation to the internationally recognized publications we know today. We wish her a very happy, prosperous, fruitful, healthy and long life, as well as many further achievements in her personal life.

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Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences changes to double-blind reviewing

The Publishing Board of the CAAS is pleased to announce its movement to a double-blind review process  (November 1, 2018).

Current issue


Spreading and global pathogenic diversity of sunflower downy mildew – Review

Otmar Spring
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 149-158abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

High-throughput sequencing of Potato virus M from tomato in Slovakia reveals a divergent variant of the virus

Miroslav Glasa, Katarína Šoltys, Lukáš Predajňa, Nina Sihelská, Jaroslav Budiš, Michaela Mrkvová, Ján Kraic, Daniel Mihálik, Ana Belén Ruiz-García
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 159-166abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

Naturally occurring recombinant isolate of Pea seed-borne mosaic virus – Short Communication

Milan Navrátil, Dana Šafářová
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 167-171abstractdownload PDFsupplementary material
Original Paper

Fusarium culmorum Tri genes and barley Hvugt13248 gene transcription in infected barley cultivars

Zuzana Faltusová, Kateřina Vaculová, Jozef Pavel, Ilona Svobodová, Jana Hajšlová, Jaroslava Ovesná
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 172-180abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Bark necrotic disease in a beech thicket

Milan Barna, Ivan Mihál
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 181-190abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Characterisation and pathogenicity of Cryphonectria parasitica on sweet chestnut and sessile oak trees in Serbia

Dragan Karadžić, Zlatan Radulović, Katarzyna Sikora, Zoran Stanivuković, Vesna Golubović Ćurguz, Tomasz Oszako, Ivan Milenković
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 191-201abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Efficacy of essential oils of various aromatic plants in the biocontrol of Fusarium wilt and inducing systemic resistance in chickpea seedlings

Dahou Moutassem, Lakhdar Belabid, Yuva Bellik, Sihem Ziouche, Faiza Baali
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 202-217abstractdownload PDF
Short Communication

First report of Dasineura oxycoccana in Lithuania – Short Communication

Elena Survilienė, Sonata Kazlauskaitė
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 218-221abstractdownload PDF
Original Paper

Chemical stability of chlorine dioxide in the presence of prochloraz manganese

Arkadiusz Chruściel, Wiesław Hreczuch, Weronika Piontek, Joanna Szumigaj-Tarnowska
Plant Protect. Sci., 55 (2019): 222-227abstractdownload PDF

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