Soil physical properties and crop status under cattle manure and Z’Fix in Haplic Chernozem

Novák V., Šařec P., Křížová K., Novák P., Látal O. (2021): Soil physical properties and crop status under cattle manure and Z’Fix in Haplic Chernozem. Plant Soil Environ., 67: 390–398.


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A three-year experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of Z’Fix on soil physical properties and crop status. Z’Fix is an agent recommended as an addition to animal bedding to prolong its function and to lower ammonia emissions in stables. Concurrently, a positive effect on organic matter transformation in resulting manure is claimed. The experiment involved control, farmyard manure (FYM), and farmyard manure with Z’Fix (FYM_ZF) as variants. In-field sampling was conducted for cone index, water infiltration and implement a unit draft, where the latter two showed significant differences in favour of FYM_ZF. Also, concerning crop yields, FYM_ZF consistently attained the highest values, followed by FYM throughout all three seasons. Furthermore, remotely sensed data were analysed to describe crop status via normalised difference vegetation index where significant differences were found across all variants. Based on the study, FYM_ZF demonstrated positive effects both on soil properties and crop conditions.


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