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The 28-day incubation experiment was carried out to evaluate the impact of the application of digestate (Dig); digestate with straw (DigSt); pig slurry (Slu) and mineral fertilizer (NPK) on Cd, Cu, Mn and Zn availability, on K2SO4-extractable carbon content and on the soil pH value in long-term contaminated soil. At days three and seven of the experiment, the 0.01 mol/L CaCl2-extractable fractions of Cd, Zn and Mn significantly decreased under organic treatments (Dig, DigSt and Slu) with the most pronounced effect under Dig treatment. The NPK treatment caused the increase of risky element concentrations since day 21 of incubation which was accompanied with pH decrease. The contents of 0.5 mol/L K2SO4-extractable carbon were the highest at day 3 and 7 of incubation in organic treatments. The significant correlations between 0.5 mol/L K2SO4-extractable carbon and CaCl2-extractable metal concentrations showed a close relationship between fresh organic matter added in organic fertilizers and risky element availability, suggesting that newly added labile organic matter can form temporary ligands with risky elements and release them later following its decomposition.  
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