Comparison of aeroponics and conventional system of production of potato mini-tubers in the conditions of the Czech Republic

Čížek M., Komárková Z. (2022): Comparison of aeroponics technology with a conventional system of production of potato minitubers in the conditions of the Czech Republic. Plant Soil Environ., 68: 366–374.

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Aeroponics would appear to have a number of potential attributes to make potato production more efficient. In a 3-year experiment, from 2019 to 2021, potatoes were grown in aeroponic units using two nutrient solutions as well as in a conventional polycarbonate greenhouse in a substrate. Potato cultivars Adéla, Zuza and Ornella were used in all experiment years. No statistically significant effect of nutrient solution or potato cultivar on the number and weight of tubers was found in the trial. However, the advantages of aeroponics over conventional technology were statistically proven. The number of tubers per plant in aeroponic units ranged from 2.4 (2019, cv. Adéla) to 41.0 (2021, cv. Zuza), while in the greenhouse, they ranged from 3.9 (2019, cv. Adéla) up to 12.6 (2021, cv. Adéla). The average weight of tubers in aeroponic units ranged between 2.0 g and 9.9 g per plant (2 to 10 successive harvests), and in the greenhouse, 22.7 g to 41.9 g per plant (single harvest). The influence of cultivar on the average weight of tubers within individual cultivation technology variants was statistically proven only for polycarbonate greenhouse: only one harvest after the end vegetation.

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