The effect of fertilisation with digestate on kohlrabi yields and qualityšák T., Hlušek J., Válka T., Elbl J., Vítěz T., Bělíková H., Von Bennewitz E. (2016): The effect of fertilisation with digestate on kohlrabi yields and quality  . Plant Soil Environ., 62: 274-278.
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Three treatments were used in a two-year (2014–2015) vegetation pot experiment with kohlrabi of the cv. Moravia: (1) untreated control; (2) digestate; (3) digestate + phosphorus (P). The nitrogen (N) rate was the same in treatments 2–3. There were significant differences between years in all parameters. The weight of single kohlrabi bulbs in the unfertilised control was significantly lower in both years (33.1–46.9%) than in the digestate treatment (100%). Digestate supplemented with P (treatment 3) increased the bulb yield significantly by 11.0–14.3% compared with pure digestate (treatment 2). In both years the content of bulb nitrates (mg NO3/kg FM (fresh matter)) was significantly the lowest in the unfertilised control (135 and 163, respectively). After digestate applications the nitrates content (mg NO3/kg FM) increased significantly in both years, i.e. to 315–327 (2014) and to 486–509 (2015) compared to unfertilised control. In two years the content of ascorbic acid (mg/kg FM) did not differ among the three treatments (274–288 in 2014 and 311–329 in 2015). Digestates can be recommended for kohlrabi fertilisation prior to planting.  
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