Accessing the relevance of tests for estimating the physiological quality of wheat grains

Correia L.V., Pereira L.C., Matera T.C., Pereira R.C., Suzukawa A.K., Santos R.F., Pastorini L.H., Carvalho C., Osipi E.A.F., Braccini A.L. (2020): Accessing the relevance of tests for estimating the physiological quality of wheat grains. Plant Soil Environ., 66: 477–482.


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The objective of this work was to investigate, before and after chemical treatment, the interrelationships of the physiological quality tests in wheat grains. Following the chemical treatments with (i) carboxin thiram; (ii) carboxin thiram + thiamethoxam; (iii) carboxin thiram + thiamethoxam + bio-stimulant; (iv) pyraclostrobin + methyl thiophanate + fipronil, and (v) pyraclostrobin + methyl thiophanate + fipronil + bio-stimulant, subsequently the grains were assessed for their physiological potential. The physiological potential of the grains could be differentiated based on the electrical conductivity, seedling growth, and emergence in sand tests. In conclusion, the use of the active ingredients changed the correlation between laboratory tests with crop emergence in the sand as well as altered the relevance of the tests for sorting the treated grains into different physiological potential. But, the seedling growth tests and the electrical conductivity were, together, the parameters most relevant for explaining the data variability.


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