Buckwheat seed quality during the five-year storage in various packing materials

https://doi.org/10.17221/237/2019-PSECitation:Tabaković M., Simić M., Stanisavljević R., Sečanski M., Živanović L., Štrbanović R. (2019): Buckwheat seed quality during the five-year storage in various packing materials. Plant Soil Environ., 65: 349-354.
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Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) seed, produced in three locations, was used in the present study. Seed was stored in paper, glass, wood and PVC packing materials under room temperature conditions (18°C) for five years. The following parameters of seed quality were observed: viability, germination, dormancy and a 1000-seed weight. Standard laboratory methods were applied in the studies. The lowest viability after harvest was recorded in seeds stored in glass or pvc packing materials. All factors pointed to a great significance in the expression of viability, germination and seed weight maintenance. The highest value of germination (99%) was recorded in seeds produced in the location Karbulovo after two-year storage in the paper packing material. In the second year of storage, seed dormancy in paper packing material amounted to 0–0.1%. The seed weight changed during the storage period from 33.9 g to 24.4 g. The weight loss was the lowest in seeds stored in the paper packing material. The germination decline was slower in large than in small seeds. Obtained results indicate the importance of packing material for maintenance of seed qualitative traits. According to the gained results, seeds packed in paper packing material mostly retained their physiological and morphological traits.

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