Effects of micro-nano bubble aerated irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer level on tillering, nitrogen uptake and utilization of early rice

https://doi.org/10.17221/240/2018-PSECitation:Sang H., Jiao X., Wang S., Guo W., Salahou M.K., Liu K. (2018): Effects of micro-nano bubble aerated irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer level on tillering, nitrogen uptake and utilization of early rice. Plant Soil Environ., 64: 297-302.
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In order to clarify the response characteristics of tillering and nitrogen (N) uptake and utilization under micro-nano bubble aeration irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer level, the nitrogen uptake and utilization characteristics, tillering and yield of early rice under different irrigation methods and nitrogen levels were investigated. The results showed that micro-nano bubble aerated irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer have substantial influence on tillering of early rice, and the effect of N fertilizer was greater than the effect of oxygen. Nitrogen accumulation increased by 6.75–10.79% in micro-nano bubble aerated irrigation treatment compared with the conventional irrigation. The application of N in treatment of micro-nano bubble aerated irrigation and 160 kg N/ha fertilizer used (W1N1) was 90% of the treatment of micro-nano bubble aerated irrigation and 180 kg N/ha fertilizer used (W1N2), while the yield decreased by only 0.31%. The study indicated that the adoption of an appropriate deficit N rate combine with micro-nano bubble aerated irrigation can be an effective means to reduce non-beneficial N consumption, achieve higher crop yield and N utilization efficiency.

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