Reply of mulch systems on weeds and yield components in potatoesřák P., Tomášek J., Hamouz K., Kuchtová P. (2015): Reply of mulch systems on weeds and yield components in potatoes. Plant Soil Environ., 61: 322-327.
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Surface mulch is an important factor of soil protection technology in the cultivation of potatoes. Presented herein are the results of three years (2009–2011) of field trials at two sites (Leškovice and Uhříněves), where two cultivars (Finka and Katka) were grown. Three mulching treatments (grass mulch after planting, grass mulch before germination and black polypropylene mulch textile) were used in the study. The weight of marketable tubers (tuber over 40 mm) and tuber size distribution were influenced significantly by mulching. The application of grass mulch on surface of the row ensured a 20.5–24.8% increase of weight of marketable tubers and higher occurrence of tubers over 56 mm (resp. tubers 56–60 mm and over 60 mm). There was no consistent effect of grass mulch on the aboveground biomass of weeds. Higher occurrences of larvae of Colorado potato beetle was found on the plots with black polypropylene textile in warmer site Uhříněves.
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