Quality and productivity of hybrid wheat depending on the tillage practices


Buczek J. (2020): Quality and productivity of hybrid wheat depending on the tillage practices. Plant Soil Environ., 66: 415–420.


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The aim of this study was to assess the impact of soil tillage systems on technological characteristics, mineral composition and grain yield of selected hybrid wheat cultivars grown in variable climatic conditions. The following factors were studied: tillage systems, namely conventional (CT), reduced (RT) and no tillage (NT) and hybrid cultivars of winter wheat (Hyfi, Hybiza and Hystar). Cvs. Hyfi and Hybiza were characterised by good technological parameters and protein quality, and additionally by a higher Fe and Zn content and a higher grain yield than cv. Hystar. Meteorological conditions (rainfall total 414.9 mm, mean temperature 8.8 °C) during the growing season caused an increase in the yield of grain, protein, gluten and Zeleny test as well as the total gliadins and glutenins. Higher rainfall reduced grain quality and Fe and Zn content, while precipitation deficits reduced grain yield. Quality parameters and grain yield, as well as total gliadins and glutenins in CT and RT were similar, and significantly higher compared with NT. Soil tillage systems did not differentiate mineral composition, except for the higher content of Fe in CT as well as the content of albumins and globulins, α/β, ω gliadins and low molecular weight (LMW) glutenins and protein fraction ratios in grain.

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