The relationships and sensibility of wheat C:N:P stoichiometry and water use efficiency under nitrogen fertilization W., Zhong Y., Shangguan Z. (2015): The relationships and sensibility of wheat C:N:P stoichiometry and water use efficiency under nitrogen fertilization. Plant Soil Environ., 61: 201-207.
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A field study was conducted to investigate the variations in the carbon:nitrogen:phosphorus (C:N:P) stoichiometry of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and its relationships with wheat growth rate (r) and water use efficiency (WUE) under different rates of N fertilization. The results indicated that the growth rate and WUE of wheat significantly increased with N fertilization and were strongly correlated with the N and P contents and C:N:P ratio. The C content in wheat was relatively stable, regardless of N fertilization, and the N contents were higher in the N fertilization treatments. In addition, the P contents were higher in the treatments without N fertilization, and changes in the C:P and N:P ratios mainly depended on changes in P. The response ratio of the N:P ratio in straw was higher than that of the other investigated traits and largely depended on changes in the plant P content due to N addition.
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