Effects of pre-preceding leguminous crops on yield and chemical composition of winter wheat grain

https://doi.org/10.17221/340/2018-PSECitation:Pszczółkowska A., Okorski A., Olszewski J., Fordoński G., Krzebietke S., Chareńska A. (2018): Effects of pre-preceding leguminous crops on yield and chemical composition of winter wheat grain. Plant Soil Environ., 64: 592-596.
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The after-effects of pre-preceding crops (second year), i.e. legumes and spring wheat, and nitrogen fertilization rate (0, 60, 120 and 180 kg N/ha) on the yield and chemical composition of winter wheat grain were analysed in a field experiment conducted in 2013–2015. Winter wheat was characterized by higher yield when sown after blue lupine (increase of 0.23 t/ha) and faba beans with a determinate growth habit (increase of 0.37 t/ha) than after spring wheat. Grain yield increased significantly with a rise in nitrogen fertilization rate (by 2.03, 3.47 and 4.02 t/ha, respectively). The species of pre-preceding crops had no significant effect on the phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium content of winter wheat grain. Winter wheat grown after faba beans with an indeterminate growth habit was most abundant in nitrogen. The applied nitrogen fertilizer rates did not modify the concentrations of phosphorus, magnesium and calcium in winter wheat grain. The nitrogen content of grain increased significantly with a rise in nitrogen fertilization rates. A significant increase in manganese and zinc levels was observed when spring wheat was the pre-preceding crop and the iron content of grain increased significantly when winter wheat was grown after peas and blue lupine.

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