The effect of mineral fertilizers and farmyard manure on winter wheat grain yield and grain quality L., Hlisnikovský L., Kunzová E. (2018): The effect of mineral fertilizers and farmyard manure on winter wheat grain yield and grain quality. Plant Soil Environ., 64: 491-497.
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This study evaluated how organic manures and mineral fertilizers affect winter wheat grain and straw yields and grain quality properties. The analysed period of the long-term fertilizer experiment was established in Čáslav, Czech Republic, in 1955 and covers the seasons 2011–2014. The fertilizer treatments were: control; farmyard manure (FYM); FYM + P; FYM + K; FYM + PK; FYM + N1; FYM + N2; FYM + N1PK; FYM + N2PK and FYM + N3PK. The highest grain yields were recorded in the FYM + P and FYM + N3PK treatments (8.9 t/ha). The highest straw yields were recorded in the FYM + N3PK treatment (6.52 t/ha). The lowest yields were provided in the unfertilized control and FYM treatments. Qualitative parameters were evaluated in the control, FYM and FYM + N3PK treatments between the years 2011 and 2013. The best quality of wheat grain was provided by the FYM + N3PK treatment. Combination of the farmyard manure with NPK is the best way to achieve high grain yields with good quality and leads to sustainable food production.

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