Effects of subsoiling stage on summer maize water use efficiency and yield in North China Plains

https://doi.org/10.17221/353/2019-PSECitation:Zhou P., Wang S., Guo L., Shen Y., Han H., Ning T. (2019): Effects of subsoiling stage on summer maize water use efficiency and yield in North China Plains. Plant Soil Environ., 65: 556-562.
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Aiming at the problems of shallow effective soil layering and low utilization rate of precipitation in the North China Plain. The effects of different subsoiling stages on soil physical properties and water use in winter wheat/summer maize fields were studied. Three kinds of tillage treatments were studied: rotary tillage to a depth of 15 cm in October and no-tillage in June (RT), rotary tillage to a depth of 15 cm in October and subsoiling to 35 cm in June (ST-J), subsoiling to a depth of 35 cm in October and no-tillage in June (ST-O). Changes in soil bulk density and soil compaction were consistent over two seasons. Compared to RT, in the 10–50 cm soil layer, ST-J and ST-O decreased the average soil bulk density by 6.18% and 5.66%, respectively, and the soil compaction in the 10–60 cm layer was reduced by 17.89% and 20.50%. ST was improved soil structure and increased the water content of deep soil. The water use efficiency (WUE) of ST-J and ST-O increased by 4.73% and 14.83%, respectively, and the maize yields by 2.90% and 11.35%, respectively. Considering the WUE and maize yields, it was considered that ST-O is more suitable for tillage in the North China Plain.

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