Physiological quality of soybean seeds treated with imidacloprid before and after storage

Pereira R.C., Pelloso M.F., Correia L.V., Matera T.C., dos Santos R.F., Braccini A.L., De Bastiani G.G., Coppo C., da Silva B.G. (2020): Physiological quality of soybean seeds treated with imidacloprid before and after storage. Plant Soil
Environ., 66: 513–518.


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This study aimed to evaluate the effect of different slurry volume of imidacloprid insecticide on the physiological potential during the storage of seeds of three soybean cultivars. A completely randomised experimental design was adopted, in a 6 × 3 × 2 factorial scheme, which treatments were six slurry volumes with imidacloprid insecticide (0, 200, 500, 800, 1 100 and 1 400 mL/100 kg of seeds), 3 soybean cultivars (SYN15630, M5947, and NS5959) and 2 storage periods (0 and 30 days after seed treatment), with four replications. The treated seeds were stored in kraft paper bags with controlled temperature and humidity. The physiological potential of the seeds was evaluated by standard germination test, electrical conductivity, accelerated aging, seedling emergence in the sand seedbed, and the field. The germination and vigor of soybean seeds were reduced during storage, especially with the increase in the volumes of the insecticide solution.


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