Field performance of potato minitubers produced in aeroponic culture K. (2016): Field performance of potato minitubers produced in aeroponic culture  . Plant Soil Environ., 62: 522-526.
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The aeroponic system is a viable technological alternative for potato minituber production within a potato tuber seed system. The aim of the study was to evaluate the productivity of potato minitubers grown in aeroponic culture and collected in 14 successive periods of the growing season. The minitubers of cvs. Ametyst and Tajfun were tested in an experimental field after a storage period. It was found that cv. Ametyst was characterized by higher yield and number of tubers than cv. Tajfun. Yield of cv. Ametyst averaged 42.6 t/ha, and cv. Tajfun 37.3 t/ha. The number of tubers over 3 cm of cv. Ametyst averaged 644.2 per ha, and cv. Tajfun 437.7 per ha. The yield and number of tubers was dependent on the physiological age of minitubers harvested on successive dates. Comparing the productivity of minitubers grown in aeroponics and in the soil, a significant difference was found in the number of tubers with a transversal diameter over 3 cm. There were more daughter tubers from minitubers grown in soil. They are the result of different-size minitubers used for planting, smaller ones from aeroponics and larger from soil.  
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